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Occupational health is one of the major health issues that been dealing with individuals at their occupational sectors, industrial sectors, workplace environment etc. all around the globe. So, now our focus mainly circles around not only upon health issues but also safety at the workplaces. As it comprises of safety protocol, preventive measures, fire safety and hygiene. Now many Organizations, Industries, Institutions are focusing upon Occupational Health and Safety protocols for better healthy environment at working sectors and as well at their personal healthy growth. Also, most of the Industries specially chemical industries, power plants etc. now focusing upon safety of their individuals by preventing harmful exposures, providing safety equipments, safety instructions etc. Safety administration is also one of the major parts of healthcare as it comprises all safety precautions, health administration, preventive care, first aid and safety protocols that been common encounters at industrial sectors, professional areas for safety of their individuals. In terms of safety protocols every industry, organizations, institutions having safety administration department to encounter such health issues.

Sub- topics includes:

Psychology comprises of the study of human psychological behavior, mental health, psychiatric issues that happens due to stress and excesses work load. Within a survey it has been shown out of 10 at least 2-3 individuals having psychological issues, stress problem etc. So, now it has become a serious health issue at working sectors, now many organizations, industries focusing upon mental health of their individuals and providing better work environment for better improvement.

As the world becoming more advance in every field and so Health Issues are increasing parallelly. So, now the main focus has been directed to Healthcare services and technologies that would provide a better chance to fight with these health issues. So now a days many companies throughout the globe have come up with new technologies to deal with health issues and services for people to provide them a better healthy environment at working sectors and at their home. Now, with the growth and revolutionized development in technical field, new methods been imposing in the Healthcare.

Sub- topics includes:

As we all know curing of Cancer and its treatment have been focus for many decades to all Oncology researchers, scientists, doctors, medical professionals who are all determined towards only one goal for better treatment for cancer and its symptoms. So, now the branch of Oncology has been focusing towards better health and developing better services for treatment of cancer that will lead towards better outcome and cure for it. With the new advancements and developments in the field of technology along its application in medical field, Nanomedinces has been introduced for the treatment of cancer. Also, with daily development and new researches new doors for treatments has been opening for treatment of cancer.

Sub- topics includes:

Public health now become one of the major issues all around the Globe, so now the focus set upon creating awareness, organizing charity to highlight demerits of health issues. Public health mainly defined as the science and art of preventing diseases, promoting of human health through organizing efforts, improving health communities through health education, policy making, researches and prevention of diseases through vaccination. Apart from that public health not only focused upon developed continents but also focusing upon healthcare growth and development for under-development countries, imposing health policies and providing health education to make awareness of health issues. On the other hand, Epidemiology being defined as the study of pattern and analyzing distribution of health and diseases conditions within defined population. Being major part of Public Health, it mainly focused upon policy decisions and evidence-based practices for identifying risk factors of diseases and targeted for taking preventive measures.

Sub- topics includes:

HIV termed as Human Immunodeficiency Viruses that been also been termed as AIDS which is now an important topic of healthcare all around the globe as all researchers, physicians, health professionals are been focusing upon all possible outcome for better cure and treatment of this virus. Now topic HIV been globally discussed to get know possible outcome of treatment and cure.

Sub- topics includes:

Healthcare in cariology also stands one of the major issues since past decades due to increase in pollution rate, global warming, hypertension, depression etc. that all leads serious health issues in our circulatory system as well as in heart. So, now it’s became a serious issue that pollutions and other health issues leads to cardiac disorder, causing health problem within circulatory system. League has been organized to welcome all individuals around the globe to put forward their opinion and researches that could provide a better opportunity for better treatment and improvement.

Sub- topics includes:

Pharmaceutical medicine being defined as one of the major areas in the Medical Science that dealing with subjects associated to the activity of medical doctors who been working in the Pharmaceutical Industries. Both Technical and Scientific discipline that been concerned with the detection, developmental growth, estimated evaluation, recording, observing and therapeutic aspects of marketing of medicines for the beneficial advantage for patients and the health of the public. And the essential focus of the discipline is the scientific testing of medicines with estimated experimental results, conversion of pharmaceutical drug research into novel drugs, protection and well-being of research participants in scientific experiments, and understanding the wellbeing profile of medicines and their merits-demerits balance.

Sub- topics includes:

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